Mar 3, 2017


Second month of this year was not good for trainings.
February 2016 finished with 47 hours of training. This one had only 29. One of the reason was that I had problems with a calf muscle. It is getting better now.
4-12 of February we had sprint camp in Odessa. You can take a look on analysis of 1 of the trainings.

At the end of this month we will have Ukrainian Champs in Truskavets, where European Orienteering Championships 2000 was held. This champs also will be first of two selections for World Cup in Finland, in May. I'm already selected in the team, but will take part in this event.

If I'll get visa in time, then I take part in camp in Estonia in April. If not, I'll stay home or somewhere around. But 10mila is one of the events in schedule.

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