Feb 2, 2017

Fourth decade

In January I turned 30.

I afraid to see those digits on the screen more than it feels like. Still it feels around 19-23-25.

I would not say it was something unexpected for me, or it changed my life.
I have to say there was no 29 year. After 28th you turned 30. Many of my close friends started laughing from me after 29th, that I'm already 30ty. So you might start fell as you really are.
I have to deal with that. I'm more or less in good mood, so I'll not tell you once again "life sucks".

3-15 of January we were on training camp in Tsiurupinsk (Oleshki).
Nothing special, except the winter which arrived second year in a row earlier than before.
Some technical trainings:

some mistakes: 

nice times with friends:

The national team will also have camp 4-12 of February in Odessa, sprint one.
Also we did open the information page of national team coach in facebook. I don't know, will we write there something on english or no. Maybe I said before: Kratov, Ushkvarok and me are playing this role.
My own trainings are getting better now. I escaped from my home town to some camp, so at least I have less pleasures and temptations for avoiding training.

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  1. Grattis Ruslan!
    Bra jobbat! Kram!