Jan 28, 2015

Interview / Интервью (на английском)

Today I get 28 birthday. I have not too much to say, but you can reed an interview with me.
4 times per year Stockholms Orienteering federation produce own magazine about orienteering in the region. I was interviewed in 4 edition 2014.
Сегодня мне исполняется 28. Мне нечего особенно сказать, так что вы можете прочесть интервью.
4 раза в год федерация ориентирования Стокгольма выпускает свой журнал. В 4 выпуске 2014 у меня взяли интервью (на английском).

Jan 14, 2015

Jan 6, 2015

Травма. И немного о погоде.

I'm injured now. I have plantar fasciitis. It seems I might need to have surgery, so far I have no any progress in recovery for past 2 months. We'll see.
I also want to mention that person, who trains 2 a day, don't have much of free time for other stuff. Trainings 2 a day is a work itself. The time between sessions is for recovery, cooking, traveling to and from training and so. Just let you know, if you wonder why some sportsmen don't work, because it seems there is a lot of time between sessions.
Addittionaly in orienteering you have to prepare trainings, on which you can spend from 15 minutes to few hours.