Dec 18, 2014


In many countries of exUSSR in all sports there is a state ranking system for athletes. Well, it's not really a ranking, but it shows you level in your sport, when you get a titile or rank (or category). In orienteering, for example, if you become Ukrainian Champion in MW21E you get title "Master of sport". This year our team took 5 place in mixed sprint relay at WOC, so we got title "Master of sport of international level" (MSMK). There is only one title higher and it is "Honored (or deserved) Master of sport". It's possible to get for 1-3 place at World Games, or by 2 victories at WOC or 3 times in top 3.
We don't earn any money just for this title, but if I would work officially as a coach in sport school, than it give around 15-20% more to a salary.