Sep 27, 2013

Kubok Druzby maps

Now I'm in Uzhgorod. Here is going multiday events "Druzba Cup". Today was sprint distance.


Couple of days ago I kick my knee, so I'm more or less out of battle.

Long distance map. 2D Rerun.
Middle distance map. 2D Rerun.

Also one week before I took part in a competitions in Crimea.
1 day - Long distance map.
2 day - Middle distance map.
3 day - Middle distance map.

I'll try to make a short summary later, but not promise.

Sep 17, 2013

Sianki/ Сянки

From August 28 till September 3 I spent time in Sianki.
С 28 августа по 3 сентября я провёл время в Сянках.